Nestled in one nook of a small city, there were three minds passionately giving shape to the idea of ‘THE COMMUNION’. Trying to build a rapport between our first brand and the people, with our work. A strong backbone of fine creatives and timely execution, helped us forge ahead. Once our work went into print, we waited eagerly, keeping fingers crossed, for the outcome. Our hard work paid off. The response we got was just there. Just what we wanted. We could make a connect. Between the client and the consumer. The team and our target. The emotional quotient and the market value. The brand and the business. It was a synergy of sorts.

And from then on there’s no looking back. We create. We design. We visualise. We present. We market. We spread. We promote. We become the word of mouth. If need be we shout. To make our work, work. To make your product, the product. And to get you there where you wannabe. For your brand is our image. We sweat it out to our last to make this brand image work, in COMMUNION.

We work with the winner-take-all-zeal, owing to our crisp team. Foraying deeper into the world of advertising, our presence can be felt not only in the print media but also on the world wide web. Using all possible mediums, tapping resources, maintaining public relations and most essentially abiding by deadlines are mantras we swear by.

Proudly independent, our identity is neither too small to be ignored nor too big to make us complacent. We take challenges head-on, with our personal touch still intact. You can drop in anytime at The Communion not just for business but also for a light chit-chat over a good strong cuppa tea. And enjoy the sweet smell of success.


  • Advertising
  • Brand identity
  • Digital and interactive
  • Packaging
  • Positioning and strategies
  • Photography